Flexibility. Excellence. Genuine care

Where should we start? First with the fact that we didn’t want to spend more than 5 months preparing our wedding and everyone thought we were crazy… Except for Lucyana! No problem, she said. In less than nothing we had our dream venue scheduled (that she suggested to us, we were not even thinking of it until we heard it)… and everything else just naturally followed from there.

None of us had any idea how to prepare a wedding, nor did we have idealised many things about it… Lucyana patiently got to know us by listening to us and understanding what was important for us and what we really did and did not value at all and with kindness and loads of professionalism helped us find the right balance so we could have a day that reflected who we are and what we believe in. And it was all sooo beautiful, blending our 2 different cultures (Portuguese and British) in such an harmonised and beautiful way, making everyone feel so welcome and happy.

The other thing we loved is that Lucyana works with the best professionals from graphic design, to music, to bar, to kid’s entertainment, to venue itself, to photography.. all excellent professionals but even more important for us all really nice, pleasant and good people.

Lucyana and her lovely team bring the right balance between giving valuable advises, bringing solutions and great ideas to every possible situation and taking care of as much as we need while at the same time letting us do the things we prefer to do ourselves, while always being there to support. Flexibility, excellence, genuine care… always with a wonderful smile that just makes us feel confident and calm.

We will never be able to thank Lucyana and her team enough… But she shall always have our gratitude, love and friendship!

A perfect wedding day!

A destination wedding was always our dream. We knew we wanted to hire a wedding planner to make the wedding planning process easier for us. We wanted one that was hands-on and professional. Luckily we stumbled upon LS Wedding Planner on Instagram when we did our research. We checked out Lucyana’s official website and contacted her to set up a meeting. After the meeting we knew that Lucyana was the perfect fit for the role. She was so kind, positive and had so much experience within the field. We had a good chemistry with her, and we knew she would be able to help us with the wedding process and every single wedding detail.

From the bottom of our hearts, we want to thank Lucyana and her team for making our dream come true. It has been a pleasure working with her since 2019. Lucyana made it easy for us to plan a destination wedding. She was always available when we needed her, and we are grateful for everything she did for us. She was very hands-on and respected all our thoughts and decisions that we made for the wedding. From the very beginning she helped us with the planning process. Lucyana helped us with every single detail from helping us find the perfect wedding venue, suppliers, contract negotiations and more. Not only did she help us with the wedding, but she also helped us plan a welcome party for our guests and family.

Thanks to Lucyana and her team, we were able to relax and be present on our special day. It was a perfect day! With Lucyana’s help everything went according to the plan. We could enjoy our wedding and appreciate every part of it. We were so amazed with how everything turned out and we had the best time of our lives. Our guests were so stunned by every single detail from the big day. They all said it was an incredible wedding and that they enjoyed every single moment of the event.

For every couple who are looking for a wedding planner, we highly recommend Lucyana and LS Wedding Planning. It was the best decision we ever made when we started the whole wedding process. She and her team are truly the best!

Thank you for being there for us every step of the way, Lucyana!

The Happiest Day of our Lives

When you start to think about getting married you don’t have the exactly idea of how difficult is to make it real. In our case, even more. We had to plan a wedding overseas in 2 months. It’s that really possible? 9 out of 10 would say no. And the only 1 would say “I can do it” is Lucyana. We simply hired the GOAT of the wedding planners. We didn’t have to worry with anything else but counting the days. Jokes apart, we are talking about extreme professionalism. She takes care of everything plus something else.

Talking about her suppliers and partners, she simply has the best working with her. Don’t you hesitate in hiring someone that Lucyana recommends. She has the best taste and she knows to identify good professionals.

The atmosphere that took over our wedding was phenomenal and we honestly don’t remember a day where we saw so many people happy in a room. Even not knowing each other, all our guests got along so easily and they all seemed in a state of joy rarely seen nowadays. About us, we are sure it was the best day of our lives. We wish to be stuck in that day forever and Lucyana has a huge responsibility in it.

She even gifted us being our ceremonialist, once with the short time to find one, we didn’t have the options we wanted. Came out that she was always the best option and she was there for us.

This being said, there is something that made all the difference in Lucyana’s work. She became someone we felt like family. She mades us to feel comfortable with the hardest demands and the stressing moments we could have when the wedding date got closer. We never felt shy or uncomfortable to ask her any changes or suggestions. She was always very caring and comprehensive. It’s like we found a new friend for our lives. Even a month after the wedding she keeps checking on us. She didn’t have to. But she simply does. That’s so special.

Should I end trying to recommend or sell Lucyana’s work for those who are reading this testimonial?

I don’t need to. Her job does itself.

It was one of the first and the best choices for our wedding. Certainly.

Thank you so much, Lu! For everything!

A beautiful and unforgettable wedding weekend!

Big thank you to Lucyana and her team for helping us plan a beautiful and unforgettable wedding weekend! Lucyana has an excellent network in Lisbon, is extremely friendly and kind, and helped us incorporate French and Brazilian traditions to make our wedding day truly special.
On the wedding day, after months of planning, Lucyana and her team were onsite from beginning to end to make sure everything went smoothly. My husband and I did not have to worry about a thing, Lucyana had everything under control so we could fully enjoy enjoy our wedding day.
Big thank you again Lucyana, we will never forget that you made our special day come true.

California - USA couple

As a couple living in California and having a destination wedding in Portugal, we were incredibly lucky to have found LS Wedding Planner. We have no contacts in Portugal and had no idea where to start with venues or any of the other vendors needed to support our wedding day.

From our first virtual meeting with Lucyana (winter 2021), we knew that she is a seasoned professional in the industry. Her openness to let us “interview” her and her authenticity about our options instilled confidence that she would be an honest, wise, and caring wedding planner, which proved to be exactly what she was.

During the venue search process, Lucyana served as a personal tour guide on our visit. She helped us understand the pros and cons of each venue as well as set the catering appointments. She made our lives easier than we could have imagined because she was always available to answer questions and think of creative solutions or alternatives. Our trip to select venues became a memorable holiday for this reason.

When we finally chose our venue, she also helped orchestrate a welcome event the evening before our wedding and an informal gathering the day after. Before the start of the actual welcome event, we met with Lucyana to talk through the final logistics before guests arrived. On the wedding day, she was present with a team ensuring that everything would go off as planned, so that we could enjoy ourselves. From the Catholic ceremony to ensuring safety on the dance floor, Lucyana stayed until the end of the party (4 am!).

Lucyana only partners with reliable, quality vendors. She advocated for us with our vendors, and we knew that she treated our wedding as if she was planning a family member’s wedding. She worked to secure special rates and concessions with vendors on our behalf which was a great relief for us. The entertainment company, florists/decor team, and makeup/hairstylist were amazing and exceeded our expectations. We ended up being more selective with our photographer and videographer, which Lucyana assisted with until we found the right teams for our preferences.

Her dedication and work ethic was always present in the overall experience we were able to create together. If you have a vision, Lucyana can be the one to help you make a reality. If you have doubts about whether Lucyana is the right person for you, all you need to do is have one conversation, and you’ll see that she is the best in the business.

We will never forget our wedding celebration.

We came across Lucyana in October 2021, when we decided to do our wedding celebration in Lisbon. Her can do attitude, kind demeanor, and professionalism won us over.

We had to move our wedding due to a personal circumstance. Lucyana understanding of the situation, even though that meant that the wedding planning process got extended by almost ten additional months.

My husband and I belong to a specific Muslim community, which entailed new customs and traditions, a new wedding ceremony venue, and different process that Lucyana is used to. Believe me when I say that it did not feel like this was Lucyana’s first time planning a wedding of this nature. She blew me away with how she wanted to immerse herself into learning about our culture, and how patient she was as we navigated the terrain together. Whenever we came across a minor challenge, within 24 hrs she had a solution.

Our three day celebration will always go down as the best weekend of our lives thanks to Lucyana. She and her team were present, gracious, and so incredibly helpful every second of that weekend. She not only made our vision come to life, but exceeded what we could ever imagine. It was evident that she is the best – with strong relationships with vendors, “a can do” resolve, and genuine desire to do everything possible for her couple.

She has a heart of gold. We are so glad we met Lucyana through this wedding planning process, and will forever be grateful for everything she did.

We could not have imagined a better experience

We are so grateful for Lucyana and her team! She helped us plan a beautiful wedding and navigate a challenging series of COVID cancellations. She was truly incredible staying with us for nearly 2 years as we tried to make an international wedding work from abroad with guests coming from many different locations. She was very easy to work with and showed us so much respect as an LGBT couple. Our wedding was more beautiful than we could have imagined and we could not have done it without her hard work and support. She is kind and professional and we cannot recommend her enough! Thank you, Lucyana and much love, Ellie&Shy

Lucyana and her team were fantastic!

Lucyana and her team were fantastic! They were very professional throughout the process, from coordinating with us remotely during the planning process, to executing the wedding.

The most notable moment was when we had to decide between different plans for the wedding due to weather conditions. Lucyana was very patient and made clear that regardless of our decision her team would do their best to follow through the plan. She was present throughout the wedding party and was the last to leave.

Her attentiveness and diligence was commendable, and complimented by both guests, hotel staff, and vendors. Overall, Lucyana and her team made it their mission to facilitate a successful wedding, and have the upmost gratitude from us and our guests.


Lucyana 和她的團隊太棒了! 他們在整個過程中都非常專業,從在規劃過程中與我們進行遠程協調,到執行婚禮。

最值得注意的時刻是,由於天氣狀況,我們不得不在不同的婚禮計劃之間做出決定。 Lucyana 非常有耐心,並明確表示無論我們的決定如何,她的團隊都會盡最大努力執行該計劃。 整個婚禮派對她都在場,一直到所有賓客都離開為止。

她的細心和勤奮令人敬佩,受到了客人、酒店員工和供應商的稱讚。 Lucyana 和她的團隊以爲我們執行一個完美的婚禮為任,並從我們和我們的客人那裡得到了最高的感謝。

The most amazing wedding planner!

Lucyana was such an amazing help in planning our wedding – we had to postpone twice due to Covid, and what would have been such a bad experience for us as a couple in postponing our wedding, was made seamless by Lucyana´s excellent professionalism and warm personality – nothing was ever too big of a problem that couldn´t easily and quickly be resolved.
We relied heavily on Lucyana for our wedding planning as we had a destination wedding in Portugal and having her on the ground, speaking to vendors, organizing everything and communicating with us so frequently made us feel so supported and took away all the stress that comes with planning a wedding.
On the wedding day, her and her team were excellent in supporting us from the start of the day until the very end, as especially as the groom had an unexpected health emergency during our wedding dinner. Lucyana and her team were so caring and we genuinely felt like they were the heroes of the night as they helped not only to make my husband more comfortable as he was ill, but also helped keep me calm and kept the party going so the guests could still have a great time!
We are recommending Lucyana and her team to every friend/family member that is still single – we could not imagine having done all of this without her!
Hands down, the best wedding planner ever!

We couldn’t have asked for anyone better to help plan our wedding!

We couldn’t have asked for anyone better to help plan our wedding!

Getting married abroad can sometimes be an overwhelming thought, but after the first introduction call with Lucyana we knew we would be in the best hands and instantly felt more relaxed.
From choosing the venue to the order of the day, Lucyana has so many amazing ideas and solutions to make sure your wedding feels as personal to you as possible whilst keeping within your budget – which is not an easy task!
The day itself went better than we could have imagined. We’re so thankful that Lucyana and her team were onsite to make sure everything ran smoothly. It was perfect.
If you’re still searching for a wedding planner please reach out to Lucyana – I promise you will not regret it!!

ps … Lucyana we miss you ❤️

If you are looking for

If you are looking for a wedding planner, your search is over! Lucyana is the best of the best.
At first, we were a little overwhelmed with the idea of a destination wedding, but once we started working with Lucyana, she eased our minds completely! She is extremely organized and she knows all of the Portuguese vendors/venues/etc. very well. She made the planning process very smooth for us and she went above and beyond! For example, she shopped for all of our welcome basket goodies so we didn’t have to travel with them from the US. Her negotiation skills with vendors are top notch – we always felt like she was advocating for us.

The day of the wedding is when Lucyana really shines. My husband and I didn’t have to worry about a thing, she had everything under control so we could thoroughly enjoy our wedding day. Working with Lucyana was the most important decision we made for our wedding and we are so glad we did! We are so grateful for her and her team!

Having a planner is the best wedding investment

We would 100% recommend hiring Lucyana as your wedding planner. Beyond ensuring a stress-free wedding day, Lucyana with her strong negotiation skills helped plan the wedding of our dreams that was within our defined budget. We chose to hire Lucyana pre-COVID and it turned out to be the best decision we made. She helped us postpone our wedding during COVID and took care of all of the vendor arrangements including last-minute changes in our guest list weeks leading up to the wedding.

Lucyana was very responsive via WhatsApp and email; I will miss our recurring monthly 8 am MST meetings 😊

Lucyana’s professionalism and dedication to her couples came through during our Welcome Cocktail Event as well as the actual wedding day. She went above and beyond coordinating COVID Rapid tests for all our guests, as being able to celebrate safely during COVID was our main priority. My husband and I genuinely felt like guests at our wedding as Lucyana shielded us from any issues that arose. For example, due to windy weather, she had to move our outside reception inside, and it worked out to be even better than expected. I would say I am a very hands-on bride and care about the attention to detail, but when it came to the wedding day, I let Lucyana do what she does best and she executed our vision flawlessly.

People would tell me before the wedding ‘to enjoy the day as it goes by quickly’, that statement could not be truer. I’m thankful Lucyana was there so that I could enjoy the day more fully, deeply, and well. Muito obrigada <3

A whole other level of empathy & professonalism – muito obrigado!

You know it has been a good experience if you write a testimonial for a wedding that never happened 🙂 The level of professionalism, empathy, and care Lucyana showed for us as a couple during this period of planning our wedding has been remarkable! From picking us up at our AirBnB in Lisbon to drive us around to the countryside of Mafra to see venues – to negotiating terms on our behalf during the challenging “COVID times”. We decided to cancel our planned wedding due to COVID because we both have family and friends from all over the world – it was not an easy choice, but Lucyana made the whole process much better for us! We´re forever grateful we chose Lucyana as our planner, even if our wedding turned into an imaginary one! Warm hugs and love from Henriette & William

More than a wedding planner…

Even a testimonial don’t have any word to describe the quality and the organisation of LSwedding and Lucyana Sposito…
Even if we describe all the wedding, the perfection cannot be explained as it result of the best moment of our life…
Even if we talk about the work done, we never can say it will met our expectation because everything was above our expectations…

Lucyana Sposito and her team is more than a wedding planner, taking care of all the detail to give you the maximum of happiness and emotion before, during and after this fabulous day.

We cannot imagine not having LSwedding with us during our wedding and nothing would be as it was, if we didn’t have that type of organisation.

We highly recommend to close your eyes and let you guided by Lucyana Sposito in order to have your dream wedding day.

Ready? Contact her and let’s operate the magic….


Nidia & Frederic
Swiss quality couple , LSwedding standard

Incredibly easy to work with

To agree with a few of the other reviews, we could not have imagined having such an incredible event without Lucyana running the show. It would have been completely impossible.

She was available not just for us, but for all the guests – the majority of people were visiting Portgual for the 1st time, and she was patient with everyone to arrange hotels, transportation, and advice.

She was incredibly easy to work with, making herself available for numerous Skype calls and Whatsapp chats to organize all the logistics. She thought of everything to the most minute detail, even when we did not provide her with a lot of lead time since we started planning with her in January for a May event.

There are so many small details that she handled with grace and a smile – even to the level of personal trips to Ikea and the supermarket to buy groceries for a beach picnic the day after the wedding. She even woke up at 5am to meet us to drop off items on the way back to the airport!

We had an absolutely special and unique experience, the best of our lives – and Lucyana was the engine that made it run. Thank you, danke schön, merci, obrigado!

Have faith in Her !!

One thing I would like to tell any future couple who are thinking about hiring Lucyana is to have faith in her during the whole process!! As brides, sometimes we tend to worry and panick, because we want things to be as beautiful as possible the day of the wedding and we sometimes doubt the team we have to make it so. Lucyana, as a wedding planner, will keep her calm and patience during the whole process. What I know now, after the wedding, it’s like she knew already everything will be perfect and beautiful. She was professional and managed everything beautifully. All my guests were saying how perfect and smoothly things were at the wedding and how the planning must have been amazing. I had to tell them my wedding planner did it all and It was the best decision I made the day I hired her. We had many events planned for our guests: a welcome cocktail and a farewell brunch, also, and both were perfect! I can’t say how happy and grateful we are with her work and professionalism. If I have only one regret, is to have doubted her sometimes, but that is my control freak side 🙂 Lucyana, you were amazing !! Thank you sooo much for everything! You truly delivered and made that day the most beautiful day of my life !!! Thank you !!!

Her smile shows how much she loves her job!

There are not enough words to express our gratitude & love for Lucyana! From the first time we spoke we knew she understood our dreams & wishes for our wedding day. Throughout the 18 months of planning Lucyana guided us through every step & detail. We put all our trust in Lucyana & we were blown away by how beautiful everything was. She is truly passionate about her job & we were made to feel that we were the only two people that mattered in the world. Our family & friends were amazed by her warmth, professionalism & attention to detail. Our wedding day was everything we dreamed of & so much more, we cannot thank Lucyana enough, all her hard work behind the scenes meant we had no stress & were able to relax, enjoy & be present with our family & friends. She has helped us make memories that will last a lifetime. All our love Linda & Dan xx

Passionate about her job

We had an amazing time planning our wedding together with Lucyana. Anyone that works with her, will see how much she cares and is passionate about her job. She really listens and does everything to make your dreams come true. She is very flexible and is always open to adapt. She even created our own open-bar, with our specific drinks and brands, it was just amazing! We highly recommend Lucyana to anyone and we look forward to planning many more stages of our lives together with Lucyana.

The best wedding planner you can have !

Thanks to Lucyana, we had the wedding of our dreams!
A destination wedding can be complicated but with her everything was simple and under control. She takes the time to know you and your style to be able to guide you step by step. She is patient, very professional, very organized and super flexible. Everything was perfect, from the decoration to the animations! And on the big day, you can just enjoy every second of your wedding, Lucyana is taking care of everything else !
Thanks so much Lucyana !!

Professionalism through-out has been exceptional

I cannot express my gratitude in thanking Lucyana for her tireless work and persistence in arranging my daughters wedding in Cascais. Her professionalism through-out has been exceptional, far beyond what would have been acceptable. Her caring ways and smiling face put everyone at ease from the morning of the wedding to early hours of the following day. Comments from guests of all ages could not have been more highly given as she made the day run like clock work.

Amazing planner

Lucyana, it has been an year since i got married and i could not spend the whole day today without writing a line of great thanks to the amazing planner that you are. My wedding was without a doubt a dream wedding for me and my husband, and you certainly helped us plan it well! Our thumbs up to the professional in you, Nuno and the rest of the team.

You can really trust Lucyana

Lucyana is a great wedding planner! I was a very anxious bride and my husband is very (too much) attached to details. Lucyana knew how to reassure us and bring the best options to our expectations. We managed to have everything we wanted, respecting our budget / possibilities. Our wedding was just very special, everything really well organized, with the best taste. Her suppliers are the best too. You can really trust Lucyana, her team and suppliers; cause your party will be in the BEST hands. A general comment of our guests: most beautiful wedding they ever been. Many thanks to Lucyana to help us make our dream come true!!

She became a real friend

It is weird because I was getting married 3 month ago now but I can not be totally impartial about Lucyana… I can not imagine If I had to doing it again without her. She became a real friend, a person I was happy to share this moment with.

I am a French original but I live in Senegal… I am kind of stressed out and perfectionist so believe me when I tell you that I needed a personality like Lucyana, very organized as well as really kind and calming, to help me with this organizing at distance!

I wanted also to tell you that the Day D, all the pressure disappeared and I realised the day after, all the work that Lucyana and her team has accomplished ! I wish every woman to live these moments like I did ! Thank you Lucyana!

Oh and an other point: I am in love with a Portuguese original since 6 years now… but he is only one of a million reason why I fall head over heels for Portugal !

The best wedding planner out there. Amazing.

Lucyana, our day was as calm as can be, no stress. Everything ran so smoothly and it was all down to you. She handled everything for us, and made sure everything was just right. And for that we cant thank her enough. Her couples are the centre of her attention for the whole day. She stayed until the very end, and it took so much pressure and stress off us. It was such a pleasure to have her as part of our day. She will 100% look after your whole day… She really is the best!

Alianças benzidas pelo Papa Francisco

Nós te vamos agradecer para sempre por ajudar na realização de mais este sonho. Você organizou o mais perfeito casamento e ainda organizou tudo para que nossas alianças fossem benzidas pelo Papa Francisco.
Saudades e nos veremos em breve!

Every cent we paid for her more than worth it

We married in July 2017 in Lisbon joining families and friends from 2 different countries (Germany + Portugal).

Lucyana helped us with everything we needed and especially managed the wedding day with such a professionalism, that guests commented her great work. Even in stressful situations she was there to calm us down and found a way to manage everything in the best way possible.

Before the wedding we never had to speak with suppliers because she took over the whole communication. She even spoke with family members to help them organize surprises. On the wedding day she took care of everything and everybody while staying professionally in the background.

Regarding the cost perspective: Lucyana has strong negotiation skills that actually helped us to save a lot of money in the end, which makes every cent we paid for her more than worth it.

We are thrilled with her work and would always recommend to book her. She has a great experience in weddings of international couples and great skills to combine wishes of different cultures.

Excelente profissional

A Lucyana é uma excelente profissional e extremamente flexível aos interesses dos noivos, garantindo assim um casamento perfeito. Sem a sua ajuda, o dia do casamento teria sido muito mais complicado. Qualquer problema que tenha havido passou-nos completamente ao lado. O meu único arrependimento foi não ter solicitado a sua ajuda mais cedo.

Grande profissional

Lucyana is an excellent professional, from the first day of the preparations for my wedding, always quite organized. The ceremony , the reception, passing by the part of the DJ and their songs, cake and fireworks the same. I recommend it to 100% the services of this great professional, since everything becomes easier in this important day of our lives. It was all perfect and that was crucial for this special day.

Lucyana é uma excelente professional, desde do primeiro dia dos preparativos do meu casamento, sempre bastante organizada. A cerimónia , copo de água, passando pela parte do Dj e as suas musicas, bolo e fogo de artificio idem. Eu recomendo a 100% os serviços desta grande profissional, uma vez que tudo se torna mais fácil neste dia tão importante das nossas vidas. Foi tudo perfeito e isso foi determinante para este dia tão especial.

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