When you start to think about getting married you don’t have the exactly idea of how difficult is to make it real. In our case, even more. We had to plan a wedding overseas in 2 months. It’s that really possible? 9 out of 10 would say no. And the only 1 would say “I can do it” is Lucyana. We simply hired the GOAT of the wedding planners. We didn’t have to worry with anything else but counting the days. Jokes apart, we are talking about extreme professionalism. She takes care of everything plus something else.

Talking about her suppliers and partners, she simply has the best working with her. Don’t you hesitate in hiring someone that Lucyana recommends. She has the best taste and she knows to identify good professionals.

The atmosphere that took over our wedding was phenomenal and we honestly don’t remember a day where we saw so many people happy in a room. Even not knowing each other, all our guests got along so easily and they all seemed in a state of joy rarely seen nowadays. About us, we are sure it was the best day of our lives. We wish to be stuck in that day forever and Lucyana has a huge responsibility in it.

She even gifted us being our ceremonialist, once with the short time to find one, we didn’t have the options we wanted. Came out that she was always the best option and she was there for us.

This being said, there is something that made all the difference in Lucyana’s work. She became someone we felt like family. She mades us to feel comfortable with the hardest demands and the stressing moments we could have when the wedding date got closer. We never felt shy or uncomfortable to ask her any changes or suggestions. She was always very caring and comprehensive. It’s like we found a new friend for our lives. Even a month after the wedding she keeps checking on us. She didn’t have to. But she simply does. That’s so special.

Should I end trying to recommend or sell Lucyana’s work for those who are reading this testimonial?

I don’t need to. Her job does itself.

It was one of the first and the best choices for our wedding. Certainly.

Thank you so much, Lu! For everything!