It is weird because I was getting married 3 month ago now but I can not be totally impartial about Lucyana… I can not imagine If I had to doing it again without her. She became a real friend, a person I was happy to share this moment with.

I am a French original but I live in Senegal… I am kind of stressed out and perfectionist so believe me when I tell you that I needed a personality like Lucyana, very organized as well as really kind and calming, to help me with this organizing at distance!

I wanted also to tell you that the Day D, all the pressure disappeared and I realised the day after, all the work that Lucyana and her team has accomplished ! I wish every woman to live these moments like I did ! Thank you Lucyana!

Oh and an other point: I am in love with a Portuguese original since 6 years now… but he is only one of a million reason why I fall head over heels for Portugal !