Even a testimonial don’t have any word to describe the quality and the organisation of LSwedding and Lucyana Sposito…
Even if we describe all the wedding, the perfection cannot be explained as it result of the best moment of our life…
Even if we talk about the work done, we never can say it will met our expectation because everything was above our expectations…

Lucyana Sposito and her team is more than a wedding planner, taking care of all the detail to give you the maximum of happiness and emotion before, during and after this fabulous day.

We cannot imagine not having LSwedding with us during our wedding and nothing would be as it was, if we didn’t have that type of organisation.

We highly recommend to close your eyes and let you guided by Lucyana Sposito in order to have your dream wedding day.

Ready? Contact her and let’s operate the magic….


Nidia & Frederic
Swiss quality couple , LSwedding standard