To agree with a few of the other reviews, we could not have imagined having such an incredible event without Lucyana running the show. It would have been completely impossible.

She was available not just for us, but for all the guests – the majority of people were visiting Portgual for the 1st time, and she was patient with everyone to arrange hotels, transportation, and advice.

She was incredibly easy to work with, making herself available for numerous Skype calls and Whatsapp chats to organize all the logistics. She thought of everything to the most minute detail, even when we did not provide her with a lot of lead time since we started planning with her in January for a May event.

There are so many small details that she handled with grace and a smile – even to the level of personal trips to Ikea and the supermarket to buy groceries for a beach picnic the day after the wedding. She even woke up at 5am to meet us to drop off items on the way back to the airport!

We had an absolutely special and unique experience, the best of our lives Рand Lucyana was the engine that made it run. Thank you, danke sch̦n, merci, obrigado!