Where should we start? First with the fact that we didn’t want to spend more than 5 months preparing our wedding and everyone thought we were crazy… Except for Lucyana! No problem, she said. In less than nothing we had our dream venue scheduled (that she suggested to us, we were not even thinking of it until we heard it)… and everything else just naturally followed from there.

None of us had any idea how to prepare a wedding, nor did we have idealised many things about it… Lucyana patiently got to know us by listening to us and understanding what was important for us and what we really did and did not value at all and with kindness and loads of professionalism helped us find the right balance so we could have a day that reflected who we are and what we believe in. And it was all sooo beautiful, blending our 2 different cultures (Portuguese and British) in such an harmonised and beautiful way, making everyone feel so welcome and happy.

The other thing we loved is that Lucyana works with the best professionals from graphic design, to music, to bar, to kid’s entertainment, to venue itself, to photography.. all excellent professionals but even more important for us all really nice, pleasant and good people.

Lucyana and her lovely team bring the right balance between giving valuable advises, bringing solutions and great ideas to every possible situation and taking care of as much as we need while at the same time letting us do the things we prefer to do ourselves, while always being there to support. Flexibility, excellence, genuine care… always with a wonderful smile that just makes us feel confident and calm.

We will never be able to thank Lucyana and her team enough… But she shall always have our gratitude, love and friendship!