We married in July 2017 in Lisbon joining families and friends from 2 different countries (Germany + Portugal).

Lucyana helped us with everything we needed and especially managed the wedding day with such a professionalism, that guests commented her great work. Even in stressful situations she was there to calm us down and found a way to manage everything in the best way possible.

Before the wedding we never had to speak with suppliers because she took over the whole communication. She even spoke with family members to help them organize surprises. On the wedding day she took care of everything and everybody while staying professionally in the background.

Regarding the cost perspective: Lucyana has strong negotiation skills that actually helped us to save a lot of money in the end, which makes every cent we paid for her more than worth it.

We are thrilled with her work and would always recommend to book her. She has a great experience in weddings of international couples and great skills to combine wishes of different cultures.